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Why Blue Emerald Alchemy?

  • Made by an enlightened adept schooled by higher beings
  • Complex processes given by them and used nowhere else
  • Clear and expand channels to higher realms and selves
  • Purifies you of everything that needs to go
  • Unlimited support and sharing with loving friends
  • We are the next level alchemy, and the next
  • Testimonials - stories by those who've been changed

TIP - HEAVY METALS: All breakthroughs into contact with higher information will be limited by the presence of heavy metals in your body. The perfection of the physical vessel can't be discussed without including heavy metals (and all other toxins) detoxification. Purazyme is a powerful detoxifier, and handles that part of your raising to ever higher states.


You can add items to the cart or choose what you want and send me the order by e-mail (contact is in the bottom of this site)it gives us space to discuss or set some discount in case of a really big purchase.


About The Alchemist

   Blue Emerald Alchemy

Science of Monoatomic Elements

Classical science teaches us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids (and the newer plasmas, Bose-Einstein condensates and liquid crystals). Some solids crystallize into a lattice structure called metals. What classical science does not teach us is that there is, in fact, another phase of matter called monatomic. These monatomic materials have ceramic-like properties.

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