Step-by-Step Alchemy

It could be a rollercoaster ride, but that's to be expected when you're in the process of revising your entire being repeatedly. This is why we have all the other preparatory alchemies. Origin, Lumin and IPhaz all do the step-by-step clearing work, it might be a way to go with more ease. They do a great job of clearing and purging, in time and in balance, to prepare the "initiate" for this stuff. This stuff will do it, but you have to be mindful, responsible, and understand the power you're handling. It's the generative force, the nucleus. It's the stuff that creates stars, and it can be done with 1 grain of it.

Having noted that, it's also important to know that if you're in a hurry, or you're not pretty clear, you could hit rough patches. The more cluttered your body and subtle fields with toxic crud, beliefs and programming, the more you have to clear and let go, the rougher this will be. It won't be much more than detox symptoms, but there could be some emotional experiences, as well.