This is an extremely advanced substance and should be handled with great responsibility. It's just stunning, so light and fine it almost floats out of the bottle. To bring it into being is a deep honor, and thrilling. It's hard to make it, but worth it. It will light up your cells, your mitochondira, your DNA, and connect you to higher things. It will take your nervous system to a level not available to anyone who doesn't use something like this. It might take your conscious mind a while to catch up with what other layers of you are tapping into, but the journey is more than worth it.

This material has a mind of its own, and it knows what to do. It will get into you and go to work on physical things that need cleaning, fixing, upgrading, etc. It will do it in the order that is necessary, and it will do it with a wholistic and balanced approach. The physical is the operative term here. These bodies are marvels of engineering, especially etheric, and we haven't even smudged the surface of their potential. What can be done with these instruments starts with the physical, not the so-called spiritual. It's like saying that all the deepest secrets of spirituality are unlocked from within.