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Next Level Alchemy

There are new products coming from Jason & the Merlin Collective. 

Sembria heals anything related to the heart
Luna works with silver and sexual energy
Crysal is made of real natural diamonds

About Alchemy

Alchemy throughout history has always been used by its highest level practitioners to give clearer access to non-terrestrial beings, intelligences and hidden libraries. The reason for that is simple: the very act of it is like downloading and incorporating into your experience knowledge, abilities, memories and senses from minds that are able to perceive on much larger scales.

How this is done is understanding that the human body is a marvelous bioelectric machine, and all of its processes depend on the clear and (ideally) unimpeded conduction of electrical "messages" required to carry out those processes, many of which being genetic instructions. Not only do our cells communicate via chemicals and electricity in our nervous system and intercellularly through other processes, but also through the exchange of photons, or light particles, as information carriers. You might be aware that one of the Sun's massive outputs at all times are photons. So, if you give the body food that is either a form of light, or facilitates the conduction of light, you are amping up its "light quotient," as it were.

It's also important to know that the killer radiation, in its raw and unadjusted forms, blasted out by coronal mass ejections is a radiation that can be put to much higher use when the body is flowing with these alchemical substances. 

(source: Blue Emerald Alchemy/Alchemy )

Detox - Purazyme & Puramyd

It's best time to dive deeper into detoxication NOW. Releasing toxins, heavy metals and anything old out of our entire system makes space for the new. Start now with Purazyme, Step-by-step or Sembria alchemy.

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- 36,36 g silver energetic cleansing device 

interesting discoveries from the alchemist's diary

As an example, the use of Helios Platinum will cause your skin to be much more resistant to damage from sunlight, and sprayed on a sunburn could be one of the most powerful ways to get relief.  

You can meter the parts-per-million at 1 pm, and then take another measurement at 2 pm, and they can be radically different. Two different superseers can watch while the "core" of the solutions is something like a gravity well, where the particles will literally vanish into them and then blip back into observation seconds later. This is bigtime magic in today's way of thinking, but to the Egyptians, and many other ancient peoples, it was just science.

We're pretty sure that what's happening with this attunement to the Sun with each of these is an action similar to the way antimatter and matter are flowing in and out of the 3rd density core of the Sun from the quantum side. And then with the massive explosions deep in the interior are pushing with convective force to the surface superheated elements that then sometimes subside and sink back into the interior in this roiling, boiling several million degree soup. These superheated elements include our metals in a much higher energy form, but the forms of our end products attune to those elements and thus become conduits for their energy, properties and traits. I decided to record these fluctuations. Here's a little chart to illustrate the difference in parts-per-million (ppm) of nanoparticles over the course of four or five hours. I didn't do anything but take the measurements at different times of the day.

Osmium: 12 pm - 900 ppm | 1:30 pm - 1156 ppm | 3:30 pm - 420 ppm | 5 pm - 1350 ppm
Rhodium: 11:30 am - 390 ppm | 1:30 - 320 ppm | 3 pm - 714 ppm | 5 pm - 900 ppm

That's just crazy. They seem to be constantly appearing and disappearing, much like quantum mechanics would describe the probabilistic actions of superposed electrons blipping in and out of our layer of perception.

If you got to here, and clearly you did, thanks so much for reading! 

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