Monoatomic Gold

Monoatomic Gold (30ml) - This is nothing but pure structured water and gold. It's alchemically made from 99.999% pure gold in a process quite different than those to make any of the other products here. The gold has been alchemically modified to be in nanoparticle crystalline form, in what is technically referred to as a monodisperse suspension. It's great for starting on your alchemical path.

This form of gold is to set the tone, establish a foundation, and begin increasing the body's frequencies and qualities of energies, of which there are many. Many of our users continue using this as a nutritional supplement on an ongoing basis. These also start peeling back the karmic layers and get in there to start dislodging and releasing all that old toxic fact, all these alchemies bring about the release of everything that is no longer needed.

49.00 €
  • Excellent Companions
  • INSTRUCTIONS:: Use anywhere between 3 and 10 drops. Let it sit in the mouth for absorption through those membranes, then swallow any that's left. Add it to a bath, rub it into chakras, apply it to skin anwywere you want to address a problem.

More Helios Gold Info

The health benefits of gold in various subtle forms is an eye-opening list, no doubt. Gold is often referred to as the "condensed rays of the Sun," but it's also true that each of the elements we work with correspond with a ray, or specific solar light spectrum, even if that spectral type is not detectable with any type of modern equipment. Gold, even just the metal, has a wonderful balancing and calming effect. It's at the center of it all, like a nucleus, and in some ways could be said to be the king of the other metals, but it's more like a sibling-ship. Where the Sun is concerned, gold is the black hole at the core, and gold ultimately is the overseer of this entire phased process and its individual elements.

Source: Blue Emerald Alchemy/Gold