Nanoparticle Gold

This is a 1 ounce bottle of nanoparticle, high energy gold in water - Gold is a powerful electrical conductor and tends to bring the "golden" you to the surface. It helps with physical and mental energy, it's very calming and balancing, strengthens the blood and heart, reduces infection, boosts the immune system. It's great for the skin and hair and has antiaging properties. It invites from within you a truer form of you, a natural youth that you'll see and feel.

Gold is coming on very strongly recently in health and healing research, even in the mainstream. It is being used for an astonishing array of conditions and in an equally astonishing number of medical technologies and modalities, medicines, tinctures, and the list goes on, mainly because it doesn't tarnish, corrode, is not bothered by moisture or oxygen, is indestructible and biologically friendly. We could on for pages on what gold can do, but a simple Web search will provide thousands of pages of information.


PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for monoatomic gold for spiritual purposes, consciousness and expansion, please look at the Specialized Alchemy menu in the navigation above. Helios Gold is on a much higher level.

33.00 €