Nanoparticle Platinum

This is a 1 ounce bottle of nanoparticle, high energy platinum and water - The primary metal of the platinum group metals useful for a healthy body, also known as the PGMs. Platinum itself functions as a bridge between cause and effect - if something causal were introduced into the body, there would naturally be an effect, but which might come about at a cost of efficiency and optimal performance. Platinum flat-out maximizes the efficiency and optimization of cause and effect, not necessarily removing the barriers between the two, but becoming the unrestricted conduit.

Platinum also tends to function as an insulator. For example, as long as it's in the body either less sunscreen, or none at all, would be needed. It's also involved in processing sunlight as a nutrient. In some users, it might help in the relief of allergies. Platinum, a very shiny metal, works like gold in bringing a shining and confident you to the surface, and also builds an inner strength that equates to your recognition of that true inner beauty. In the same way that a star, like our sun, has nuclear fuel that is constantly burning from a source within, platinum tends to create this expansive reaction within you, giving you an exuberance, an inner thrill that you might not have felt since being a child. Gold and platinum like each other a lot, and potentiate each other in the alchemy of the body in ways that we could be years in understanding. Again, there's always more, and we suggest you research it yourself.


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