Nanoparticle Silver

This is a 1 ounce bottle of nanoparticle, high energy silver and water - Silver significantly increases the synaptic firing efficiency in the neural connections, bringing about a powerful clarity and focus. Silver is also a great detoxifier, especially of the brain, and fights infection. So efficient is it in fighting viruses and bacteria that the FDA is still attempting to have it either banned or put completely under government control as a prescription item. But, to its credit, the FDA has in fact approved a few silver products for the medical industry.

Silver also works very well in increasing the vitality needed in sexual function, and where a balanced but high level sexual function is present, a healthy brain is also present as the brain functions with a direct conduit to sexual vitality. Silver colloids in clays, soils and water supplies have been conclusively shown to be common among very healthy and long-living people in various places around the world. Silver also reverses hair loss and premature graying due to aging. A simple web search for "colloidal silver" will produce endless results for benefits, but remember this is not a colloidal form. It's a more powerfully effective and higher energy form than colloidal, with much smaller particles.


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