Sembria is the secret word for the heart, and heart center. Jason named it Sembria because this alchemy focuses primarily on the heart center, and the heart, and all involved energetics, and whatever needs doing, especially emotionally driven heart issues. Importantly, however, it heals those things from all your past lives, and protects it from any future harm.

For example, any unbalanced or unprocessed heartbreak will be resolved, no matter the source of it, such as a particularly traumatic breakup. But it covers the much fuller spectrum of everything involved in heart, and heart chakra, energetics. It's soft and gentle, as a heart should be, but knows its business and gets doing it without delay or beating around the bush.

A phrase has been thrown around for millennia, and I happen to like it: The Heart of the Master, and that refers to precisely what it seems to, but as it is with so much of our alchemy, it's a process of purification.

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The world has undergone intense traumatic events since 2020, and where the heart is concerned, there's much heartbreak, especially in families and friends, where communication no longer takes place simply because of beliefs and ideologies instead of anything resembling Truth.

We're all affected by that in standard human ways, but also in ways we might not even be aware of, and that's because other aspects of us may be hurting deeply over all this, and of course, as we mention a lot around here, we're processing more than our fair share for the rest of humanity.

The timing couldn't be better, as big things are happening behind the scenes, and everything is pushing the world to its new phase. That new phase would be hard for the heart to tolerate if unhealed and unbalanced moving forward.

Sembria might be a one off (we'll see) that came into being from two separate processes for two separate products. It's in limited supply, but there should be enough to go around. Please limit your order to two units. A half gram is $49, and should last anyone at least 2-3 months, which should actually be a fairly accurate depiction of the full healing cycle.

It contains the four primary transformational substances in high spin state: gold, platinum, rhodium and iridium, but it also contains substances brought through from higher levels, and which are not on the periodic chart of elements. A dose is a small pile. Just use your intuition. You can also put it in a pouch and wear it around your neck, and it'll work its magic all day long.

If you're drawn to it, get it. It's a potent one, and yet so gentle and soft as it goes about its purpose.