SHIFT - Solstice & Conjunction

SHIFT (15 ml)

This is actually a very powerful and high-level alchemy, but can be used effectively by anyone. It was of course inevitable that I would be called upon to make an alchemy during that most precious three day period.

What it does is going to be exactly specific to you and what you need in terms of adjustment going into 2021, the most tumultuous year the planet has seen since Atlantis' debacle. What is most accurately said about this is that it will do and/or be whatever you want or need it to do or be, but remember, it won't do anything for you that is not for your highest good.

To connect in the way that the "master technique" needed to with those two Great Teachers, osmium and platinum were involved. The "technique" was cooking right through the conjunction and alignment.

This is a one-off alchemy, and won't be made again. Please, just one bottle per person for the first wave of demand, and then as soon as we're comfortable that everybody got served, we'll open it up so you can buy as many as you like till the supply is gone.

42.00 €

INSTRUCTIONS: Use 3-10 drops anytime you feel you should. You can also add it to a bath, use it on objects like talismans or crystals (to boost or maintain an intent), or rub a few drops into your chakras. 

Never in my entire 20+ year history have I seen anything CLOSE to what is going on in our rapidly expanding business. That we've been able to keep our chins above water is a testament to how well-oiled our system in Blue Emerald is. Be that as it may, we're never not in "catch up" mode, and so please allow 2-4 busines days for your Shift to be shipped. We've been so swamped, in fact, that it took us a month just to clear a space to make this special alchemy available.

Original from Blue Emerald Alchemy / Shift