White Powder Gold - Sri Yantra

1/10th Gram Dry Powder Gold - The dry version is just the wet version with most of the salt removed and the pH closer to balanced, around 8 or so. Even though it might seem they're very close, they're not. Removing most of the salt and drying at 400 degrees changes the dry stuff entirely. In a very real way, the dry is for the subtle bodies and selves, the wet for the physical self, you. Together, they create the conditions to bring the above and the below together, in a merger, and this is the magic that does it. The dry version is now our White Powder Gold, because it's a more efficient way to create it, and it's more powerful besides. 
This stuff is far more than white powder gold. It's the Sri Yantra. Look up anything with respect to it, and it would be a description of this stuff. It's ridiculously powerful. 

0,1 g → 876CZK(Kč) = 49€ 
1 g WPG → 480€

49.00 €

As for the dry powder, a dose is as little of a pile as you can manage to put into your palm. You could also just open the cap, wet your fingertip and shake a little onto it. Whatever sticks, or coats it, is a dose. One, two or three of those would be plenty. Use it whenever you want or are called to. Again, your intuition should be your sole guide. 

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